original or fake under armour base layer differences

By | July 15, 2017

This time will be discussed about sports uniforms, fake or original under armour base layer differences, one of the largest sports equipment manufacturer company in the world based in the united states. Under amour sponsors various sports teams such as football, auto racing, baseball, basketball, golf, ice hockey, paint ball and much more in major countries in the world, and just a few years ago sponsored bicycles.

For uniform samples to be discussed we have uniforms of the German National Team and Bayern Munich. Like the previous post, one of the uniforms is original and the other is fake. There are four ways to know uniform under armor is fake or original. Which although only four ways but effective enough to distinguish the original under armor with a fake, With these four ways, we can distinguish where the original one is fake. So we will not be cheated when transacted in an online or offline shop.The first way is to look at the uniform texture made from under armor. Uniforms made of the original armor is usually more dense texture of fabric than the fake. In addition, the stitches in the fake products are less tidy and leave the remains of stitches at the ends of the uniform sleeves.

The second way is to look at the product code and washing tags/labels in the way of washing in uniform. The original uniform only has one sheet washing tag with the production code label behind it. While fresh under armour fake has two sheets washing tag and does not have a production code label. The third way is to see the hologram on the bottom right under armour uniform made. The original under armour uniform has a thick hologram texture and is not easily eroded while washing, while under armour uniform has a very poor quality hologram, two or three straight washes. Indicates the hologram inserted in the under armour uniform feature as originally created.
Last is to look at product tags or labels on the inside of the neck. For uniform under armour original will usually be listed in the United States, because there is a factory under armour in the united states.
While uniform under armour fake usually listed made in China (in washing tag in clothes) or made in Thailand (in washing tag neck). The inclusion of an unsynchronized manufacturing state shows the uniformity of the uniform. For additional information, the fake uniforms that are most similar to the original are made in Thailand so it is natural that in uniform fake include Thailand as a place of manufacture. The United States as the under armour headquarters only as a shield that it is indeed the real one.
That was some way to distinguish uniform football under artificial armors original under armour with uniform fake under armour. As with other products, football uniforms are also rife with hijacked with perfect details just like the original. That’s why care should be taken in choosing the product you want to buy. The hope of knowing the characteristics of the authenticity of an item we will not be fooled by sellers of fake goods that sell at the original price. And for the next article, it is interesting to discuss the authenticity of a football uniform according to one fan forum and a football uniform collector.

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